Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship – What’s Involved

Our current Apprenticeship Spotlight, the Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship, is an ideal career progression route into the Leadership and Management industry. But you may have wondered, what’s actually involved? To clear things up, here’s an overview of the key apprenticeship features.

Subject Areas

This apprenticeship standard is an in-depth way to gain a qualification in the chosen industry. Here’s a brief summary of some of the units you can expect to study…

Leading People

The Leading People unit is all about the many different leadership styles. It also guides you on how to support your team and get the best performance from your coaching.

Managing People

Following on from this, the Managing People unit will show you more about the official procedures behind managing a team. You’ll learn how to set goals and targets and conduct appraisals. Plus, reviewing performance, understanding legal requirements and much more!


Knowledge on Finance is essential in most leadership roles. So, a unit on this is also included. Budget monitoring and controlling is taught, along with delivering good value for money.

Project Management

The Project Management unit focuses on the projects you undertake in a business. You’ll gain knowledge on the project lifecycle and project management tools and techniques. Resource/budget management, and problem solving are features also.

Organisational Management

A more in-depth look into organisational strategy is also provided, in the Organisational Management unit. This looks at handling changes in a team and effectively implementing operational or team plans. To do this, it will teach you how to effectively use the different technologies available in the business.

Team Leader / Supervisor units

Showcase Portfolio

To show your skill, knowledge and behaviour development, you’ll gather evidence as part of a portfolio. This will cover topics such as knowledge about the business and its market, understanding how you
perform in the job role, how to manage and lead your team and more.

You can forget about lugging around all your work. The online iLearner portfolio system means all your work can be uploaded directly to your account and accessed wherever you go. The system is easy to navigate, and full guidance will be provided through our iLearner handbook and from your tutor through one-to-one support.

End-Point Assessment

As with most forms of education, apprenticeships are graded through assessments. And the Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship is no exception! This is done via the End-Point Assessment (EPA). You’ll be assessed in two distinct ways, both of which contribute to your final grade. Upon completion, you can achieve either a Pass or Distinction. So, let’s take a closer look at the Team Leader / Supervisor EPA…

Presentation with Q&A

One part of the EPA includes a presentation, with questions and answers. You’ll be asked to complete a project and to present your final work. A question-and-answer session is also included in this. The topic of the presentation, set by our End-Point Assessor, will be tailored to demonstrate what you’ve learned during your programme.

Professional Discussion

Finally, you’ll take part in a professional discussion with our End-Point Assessor. Based on your Showcase Portfolio, the discussion will highlight the work you have completed while completing the programme. This will allow you to properly explain how you’ve evolved during the programme in your own words.

Team Leader Apprenticeship

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