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Each week, we’re covering the various features of our current Apprenticeship Spotlight, Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor. But you may wonder, how does the apprenticeship delivery work? In short, apprenticeships combine practical and academic learning styles in a way that works best for you. Read on to find out how this is done…

Practical Learning

A lot of people are attracted to apprenticeships thanks to their mostly practical delivery. And who can blame them!

Generally, you’ll learn a lot of the required skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for your job role while you work. As you progress through your programme, you’ll become more effective in your role as you naturally pick things up as you go. Plus, you’ll be assigned a workplace buddy, ensuring you’re taking on industry-standard information.

As a training provider, we’ll make sure to keep checking in, to ensure your progression is where it should be.

practical learning

Tutor Sessions

Though it’s important for apprenticeship delivery to be heavily practical based, some one-to-one sessions with a tutor are still required. This is to make sure that all features of the apprenticeship standard are covered in the correct way.

You will be required to make time to see your tutor, through mostly remote sessions via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Your sessions will take place roughly once a month, for around 2 hours at a time. Your tutor is also there to provide you with any support and guidance in between learning sessions.

tutor sessions

Independent Learning and Self-Study

The last form of apprenticeship delivery we’ll cover is independent learning.

You should expect to carry out self-study while completing your programme. Any extra research, online courses, mentoring, and other forms of independent learning are encouraged. This is to display that you’ve taken steps on your own to further expand your skills, knowledge and behaviours. Conducting research on your own is also good practice, getting you used to finding solutions to problems in the real world.

This self-study should take place at a time convenient for both you and your employer.

independent learning

That’s All About Apprenticeship Delivery!

Since apprenticeship are so different to traditional forms of education, knowing how they work can be confusing. So hopefully after reading this, you’re a little more clued up on their delivery!

As previously mentioned, our current Apprenticeship Spotlight is the Team Leader / Supervisor programme. The practical nature of the apprenticeship is perfect for training up to start your Leadership and Management career…

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