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Upon completing the Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship (Level 3), you’ll gain a qualification equivalent to 2 A-Levels. Taking approximately 15-18 months to complete, this programme is an ideal career progression route into customer service. Typical job roles associated with the programme include Call Centre Manager, Customer Service Team Manager, Customer Service Specialist and many more.

There are no standardised eligibility criteria for this qualification. This means the individual employer will decide if a candidate is suitable.

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship Features

Throughout the apprenticeship you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for your chosen role and industry. To help you with this, you can expect to study the following subject areas:

  • Business Knowledge and Understanding
  • Business Focused Service Delivery
  • Develop Self
  • Customer Journey Knowledge
  • Providing a Positive Customer Experience
  • Customer Service Support
  • Working with Your Customers / Customer Insights
customer service specialist apprenticeship features

Off-the-Job Training

For 20% of your apprenticeship, you must have time away from your regular duties. This is to engage in training related to your post and programme. Known as ‘Off-the-Job Training’, this should take place at a time convenient for both you and your employer.

The qualification is delivered through a blended learning approach. You will be required to make time to see your tutor via remote or face-to-face sessions.

The sessions will take place roughly once per month, usually lasting around 2 hours. The duration of these can be extended for any additional learning or support you require. Your tutor will also provide support and guidance in between each learning session.

You should also expect to carry out self-study and learning as part of the Off-the-Job Training using your iLearner portfolio.

Functional Skills

If you do not have grades A-C/9-4 in GCSE maths and English or equivalent, you will complete Functional Skills alongside the apprenticeship. It is nationally recognised and is completed as part of the apprenticeship.

  • As a Level 3 qualification, you’ll complete Level 2 Functional Skills maths and English.
  • The learning will be delivered by one of our dedicated tutors via remote or face-to-face sessions. The only exceptions are the speaking and listening assessments. These may be delivered in a classroom.
  • These sessions will take place once a month, for roughly 2 hours depending on your learning needs.
  • With their expert help, you’ll have all the support you need to achieve your goals.
customer service specialist apprenticeship functional skills

The End-Point Assessment

As part of your Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship, an End-Point Assessment (EPA) will be completed to demonstrate your development and growth. You can achieve either a Pass or Distinction based on your final grade.

Practical Observation

As part of the assessment process, an independent assessor will complete a practical observation of you in your place of work. This observation is a chance to showcase your skills in the customer service environment and your knowledge of the customer service industry.

Work-Based Project

Over a two month period, after completion of your portfolio, you will organise and document a project of your choosing to show your knowledge and skills in a practical way. An example of this would be a detailed report on dealing with complaints and difficult situations, what actions you took and how this was affected by policies in the business. At the end of your project, you will demonstrate what you have accomplished through an interview, detailing the initial intentions of your project and what was achieved through this. The interview is completed either face-to-face, or remotely where possible, with an independent assessor.

Professional Discussion

Through this discussion, you will establish further understanding of your knowledge and skills within the customer service industry based on the evidence you gathered in your portfolio. This may cover a number of scenarios you may have encountered in your job role, as well as questions relating to the development of skills. The discussion is completed remotely over the phone.

Go Further

Once you’ve completed your Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship, there are several progression routes available, dependant on your industry and job role:

You can also progress into a variety of job roles, such as Supervisor, Team Leader , Project Officer, and many more!

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