At Apprentice Team Ltd, our decisions as a business aren’t just driven by profit. Instead, we are committed to our social values, benefiting the environment and the community at large.

Our Environmental Values

ATL operate a corporate environmental policy and set out our social values clearly. Our aim is to become carbon neutral by 2030 and have an action plan in place to monitor and review our progress.

So far, we have:

  • Reduced energy use in centre with a range of prompts and procedures
  • Implemented cross regional working to reduce travel
  • Implemented online learning and invested heavily in digital platforms to reduce travel
  • Run events and collections for charity to support local green and environmental issues, including the planting of trees as part of a conservation project
  • Implemented digital meetings to replace face-to-face information advice and guidance sessions

Our Community Values

Without the support of the community, ATL would not be the company we are today. As such, we are dedicated to a number of community support efforts, including:

Employer, Resident and Partner Support

ATL are dedicated to supporting employers, residents and partners across the region. We have worked hard over the last year to keep our learners, employers and community abreast of government guidance.

In short, we provide digital skills support, mental health support, and have put in place a number of measures to ensure the needs of our workforce, learners and employers are met. We provide our learners with a range of advice and guidance sessions over the pandemic, and we have shifted our entire delivery models online.

Volunteering Events

We have plans to run volunteering events of our own, but outside of that, we encourage our team to take part in local conservation and environmental projects during work time. The SMT will facilitate this volunteering and reach out to local groups to establish where support maybe required, and will provide a commitment to donations through our weekly dress down collection for charity.


The well-being of our workforce, learners, employers and our wider community is very important to ATL. As such, we have developed a range of welfare and support guidance materials and links to ensure welfare is supported.

ATL’s marketing team and deputy officer have put in place a Mind Matters notice board both in centre and digitally on our website. This is to support all individuals with a range of subjects, providing links to our qualified team in times of support. We also provide links to other channels, including self-help guides to aid a number of challenges, such as mental health crises and how to remain healthy.  Our social media campaigns also have a key focus on well-being and offer a range of useful support guides and links.

We assess the well-being of our workforce through health monitoring. We also run annual refresh to assess new changes that require the business to apply flexibility to employment contracts. This exercise has also been used to identify new COVID-19 support requirements for those who need to shield, and ATL’s SMT has ensured arrangements for home working, flexibility to support childcare arrangements, and provided coaching where required.

Local Needs

ATL are committed to supporting the social and economic well-being of learners and clients, and have worked hard to respond to local needs. This includes redundancy response support, as well as cross-partner working to support those facing unemployment as a result of the pandemic.  ATL deliver extensive employment support and careers advice to residents across the region, and this extends to individuals who may not be suitable for our programmes. We support all residents and refer them to the relevant partners, ensuring that they receive the guidance and direction they need.

Regardless of the programme the resident has applied for, our IAG team offer and deliver a range of pre-employment preparation. This includes creating a career plan, CV tips, job search and application support, interview preparation, and mock interviews to build confidence.

Our recruitment team are committed to delivering careers advice and support to residents across the region. To that end, they attend partner and community events to offer and provide this guidance.  Our networks extend to armed forces and a range of outreach partners and charities, and we will continue to provide IAG support and information sessions to support these residents.