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An ideal progression route for your career in Payroll, the Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship (Level 5) takes approximately 24-30 months to complete. Once completed, the programme is equivalent to a Foundation Degree or HND. Typical job roles associated with the programme include Payroll Assistant Manager, Assistant Pay and Benefits Manager, Payroll Team Leader and Payroll Executive.

Before beginning this higher apprenticeship, you must have achieved Level 2 qualifications in maths and English. (GCSE’s A-C or equivalent, such as Functional Skills.)

Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship Features

Throughout the apprenticeship you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for your chosen role and industry. To help you with this, you can expect to study the following subject areas:

  • Payroll Management and Prioritisation
  • Payroll Support and Escalation
  • Advanced Payroll and Calculations
  • Compliance and Confidentiality
  • Continuous Development and Contributions
  • Strategic Payroll Communications
  • Industry Trends and Technologies.
Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship Features

Off-the-Job Training

For 20% of your apprenticeship, you must have time away from your regular duties. This is to engage in training related to your post and programme. Known as ‘Off-the-Job Training’, this should take place at a time convenient for both you and your employer.

The qualification is delivered through a blended learning approach. You will be required to make time to see your tutor via remote or face-to-face sessions.

The sessions will take place roughly once per month, usually lasting around 2 hours. The duration of these can be extended for any additional learning or support you require. Your tutor will also provide support and guidance in between each learning session.

You should also expect to carry out self-study and learning as part of the Off-the-Job Training using your iLearner portfolio.

operations / departmental manager apprenticeship functional skills

The End-Point Assessment

As part of your Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship, an End-Point Assessment (EPA) will be completed to demonstrate your development and growth. You can achieve either a Pass or Distinction based on your final grade.

Multiple Choice

To assess your knowledge, you will complete a multiple-choice assessment, either remotely or in person. You will answer around 50 questions, each with four possible answers. This assessment must be completed in a quiet room, free from distractions and influence.

Professional Discussion Underpinned by Portfolio

After completing your portfolio, you will complete a professional discussion with one of our independent assessors. You will be required to showcase any additional learning you have completed during the apprenticeship. This additional learning can be both formal or informal learning completed or any assignments and projects you have completed.

Forget about lugging around all your work. The online iLearner portfolio system means all your work can be uploaded directly to your account and accessed wherever you go. The system is easy to navigate. Though, full guidance will be provided through our iLearner handbook and from your tutor through one-to-one support.

Project Report with Presentation and Questioning

Following from the multiple-choice test, you will complete a project and write a report. You will be asked to complete a project. The title and scope must be agreed with the End-Point Assessment Organisation at the gateway. The report should be a maximum of 5000 words (with a 10% tolerance).

You will have 50 full-time work hours to complete the project and submit the business case to the End-Point Assessment Organisation.

You will then show a presentation based on the report, and take part in a question and answer session with an independent assessor to discuss the project and presentation. It will last 40 minutes altogether. They will ask at least 4 questions.

Payroll Assistant Manager End-Point Assessment

Go Further

Once you’ve completed your Payroll Assistant Manager Apprenticeship, there are several progression routes available, dependant on your industry and job role:

You can also register as full members with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, and other professional bodies.

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