Recruit an Apprentice

Recruiting an Apprentice is a great, cost effective way to expand and develop your business. There are a variety of Apprenticeship programmes designed to ensure Apprentices gain the skills, knowledge and experience to meet the needs of your business and excel the growth plans forward.

There are also a various incentives available to businesses when recruiting an Apprentice (Eligibility Criteria Applies). For employers who employ less than 50 staff members, the Apprenticeship programme is fully funded by the government when recruiting a 16-18 year old, with only the cost of the Apprenticeship salary to pay and your business may be eligible to receive a government incentive of £1000.

Key Benefits:

  • Apprentices can bring fresh ideas, skills and enthusiasm to the company, with several government surveys stating that they increase both productivity and revenue.
  • Employing an Apprentice is a cost-effective way of developing staff, improving retention, and increases staff moral and team spirit.
  • Apprenticeships improve skills, professional behaviours, efficiency and productivity.

The facts:

  • The National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice is currently £3.70 per hour, rising to £3.90 per hour from April 2019.
  • If you employ more than 50 employee’s the government will jointly fund the Apprenticeship and you business will contribute 10% towards the cost of the training and the government will pay the rest (90%).
  • If you employ less than 50 employee’s, and recruit an Apprentice aged between 16 to 18, the Apprenticeship will be fully funded by the government.
  • You would also benefit from a £1000 incentive from the government if you recruit an Apprentice aged 16-18.
  • Apprentice Team Ltd come to you, so the Apprentices don’t have to travel, or have day release. Our tutors conduct learning visits within the workplace every 4-6 weeks for a period of 2-4 hours depending on the qualification and learner needs, with visits taking place at a convenient time for your business.

Our Recruitment Service:

At Apprentice Team Ltd we offer a comprehensive recruitment service designed to make the process simple and hassle free.

  • Our dedicated recruitment team will work with you through the recruitment process, ensuring that you recruit the right Apprentice for the job role.
  • After taking details of the vacancy and job description, we will search and screen candidates for you.
  • We will advertise the Apprenticeship on ‘Recruit an apprentice’ this is the official government service for posting and managing Apprenticeship vacancies and Traineeship opportunities in England.
  • We will then select suitable candidates for interview, and agree dates, time and locations that are convenient for you.

Once you have selected the perfect candidate:

We recommend the candidate completes a two week work trial, to ensure the perfect fit for the business. Our dedicated Tutors will then visit the Apprentice on a monthly basis to conduct learning sessions in the workplace.

Next Steps:

Apprentice Team Ltd offer a FREE recruitment service for all our employers to find the most suitable candidate for your business.

If you are looking into Apprenticeship recruitment for your business, please call our one of our Work Placement Officers who will be happy to guide you through the process and answer any questions.