What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Apprenticeship Levy applies to UK employers paying £3million PAYE per annum, with the rate set at 0.5% of an employer’s PAYE bill. The levy forms part of a broader programme of apprenticeship reforms that the government introduced in May 2017. The levy is paid to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) through the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) process, and the Digital Apprenticeship System is open for employers to login and access the portal to select providers and apprenticeships.

Why choose apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are good for business and a great way of developing the skills of the workforce both now and in the future. The aim of the levy is to encourage more businesses to engage with apprenticeships, which can be used to support new apprentices joining their business, as well as upskilling the existing workforce.

You may also be eligible for an incentive of £1000 if you enroll an apprentice aged 16-18.

Why choose us

Now that you’re paying the levy you will want to achieve the best possible return on this investment. As a successful training provider, we understand your need to work with a partner who has a passion for apprenticeships, establishes a strong cultural fit, and tailors the training to meet your organisation’s needs.

Apprentice Team Ltd works in partnership with an extensive network of high quality skills providers, and as a result, we are able to establish the most cost-effective solutions across a wide offering of subject areas. We have over 9 years’ experience within the industry, and offer a quality service to suit all business needs.

In practical terms, we provide impartial guidance and support to navigate the system, as well as a comprehensive organisation needs analysis and a complementary recruitment service. During the apprenticeship, our professional tutors conduct learning visits every 4-6 weeks, ensuring our apprentices have the support they need to thrive and progress in the working environment.

Off-the-Job Training and the End-Point Assessment

Employers must schedule time for the apprentices to study each week, known as off-the-job training. In short, for 20% of the apprentices’ contracted hours, they must have time away from their regular duties to engage in training related to their post. This could include, for example, practical training, as well as theory and writing assignments.

The End-Point Assessment (EPA) is another requirement for apprenticeship standards, and serves to test the apprentice on the skills, knowledge and behaviours gained through the apprenticeship. The exact details of the EPA varies between qualifications, but common assessment types include:

  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Portfolio-Based Interviews
  • Practical Observations

How can I use my funding?

You can use the funds in your apprenticeship service account for covering the costs of apprenticeship training and end-point assessments, as well as funding provided by the government through co-investment. Apprentice Team Ltd are an approved training provider with excellent success rates and client testimonies, as we work with several existing levy-paying employers nationally.

The funding can be used to train both newly recruited apprentices and existing staff, and there are a variety of apprenticeships relevant to each job role. There are no age restrictions, so you can use the funds to train an apprentice of any age.

Further information on how the levy works can be found at the link below:


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