As you may know, our current Apprenticeship Spotlight is the Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor programme. This is most often completed by managers and leaders in a business, allowing them to further progress in their roles. So, we thought sharing some top tips for managers might also be useful! Read on to find out how you can make the most of your management skills…

Delegate Tasks

One of the most important tips for managers is being able to plan and hand-out tasks to your employees. To do this most effectively, each project must be assigned to the person most suited to it.

Though, this does not mean all tasks should go to one person. They should all be delegated evenly throughout the team, to ensure everyone feels equally involved and important.

Be Open and Tolerant

As a manager, you’ll likely be working within a team most of the time. This means you’ll be exposed to many different opinions, personalities and working styles. So, being open to other peoples’ ideas and suggestions is a priority, ensuring your team feels heard and valued.

Tolerance is also one of the key tips for managers and leaders. Your team could be made up of a wide variety of people you may never have been in contact with. Being able to put differences aside, and work towards a common goal is a must in the leadership industry.

Set Attainable Goals

While at work, it’s important that employees have something to work towards. If not, the team may become disjointed or unproductive. To avoid this, you can set goals and indicators.

These goals must be attainable, so should therefore be realistic in timescale and workload. However, you should also ensure they’re challenging, noticeably affecting the business in a positive way.

Display Clear and Decisive Leadership

If a team has no leader, the collaboration and organisation of the team is also at stake. To prevent this, another of our tips for managers would be to display clear leadership.

This can be done through concise communication, offering guidance and time-management. All these contribute towards a team feeling led and united.

tips for managers

Build Good Relationships with Your Team

For a team to work best, everyone should feel comfortable with each other. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to develop and work on your relationships with your team. You should also encourage good relationships between your team members themselves.

Once everyone feels more comfortable, your team is much likelier to work smoothly.

Manage Your Time Effectively

If time hasn’t been planned out properly, tasks can build up until they become unmanageable. This can lead to a business falling behind on essential projects and deadlines.

Knowing task length and assigning these appropriately is one of the best tips for managers regarding this. Implementing good time management will ensure operations within the organisation are optimal.

Get the Most from Your Team

If your employees feel undervalued or overworked, they aren’t going to be passionate about their roles or work in general. To remedy this, incentives are often offered to those who achieve their goals.

Whether it be longer breaks or an annual bonus, staff who feel looked after can achieve more and increase their work quality.

Be Humble and Accept Feedback

None of us like to hear negative things about ourselves. Yet, none of us are perfect. So, with this, comes the occasional upset, grumble, or just general feedback at work. And managers are no exception!

If an employee approaches you with feedback or criticism in a respectful way, they must be met with the same level of respect. Otherwise, they may feel as if they can’t come to you for other queries or issues.

tips for managers

Those are our Top Tips for Managers and Leaders!

After reading this, you may have started thinking about your own attributes. If you think you’d make a good manager or leader, the Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship may be perfect for you!

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