The apprenticeship standards are a new in-depth way of gaining qualifications in your chosen job role. The Level 2 Retailer is an intermediate apprenticeship, and is equivalent to five GCSEs at grades A-C. It takes approximately 12 months to complete (depending on working hours).

As part of the apprenticeship you will engage in off-the-job training, create a portfolio of evidence, and complete the End-Point Assessment.

This apprenticeship qualification suits job roles such as Retail Assistant, Sales Assistant, Customer Assistant, and many more.

Subject Areas

In completing the Level 2 Retailer apprenticeship, you will engage in the following subject areas:

  • Sales and Promotion
  • Merchandising
  • Interacting with Customers
  • Supporting Your Team
  • Product and Service

This qualification is ideal to get you started on your career in retail—no previous qualifications required. For more information regarding these subject areas, give us a call on 01246 278931, or email

Functional Skills

If you have not yet achieved grades A-C in GCSE Maths and English or equivalent, our nationally recognised Functional Skills courses are completed as part of the apprenticeship:

  • The courses will be completed at either Level 1 or Level 2, depending on your learning requirements.
  • The vast majority of learning is delivered within the workplace by our professional tutors, either in person or by remote contact. The only exceptions are the speaking and listening assessments, which may be delivered in a classroom.
  • The tutors will visit your workplace once a month for approximately 3-4 hours per session.
  • With their expert help, you will have all the support you need to achieve your aspirations.

Off-the-Job Training

As part of your apprenticeship, you will engage in off-the-job training. In other words, for 20% of your apprenticeship, you must have time away from your regular duties to engage in training related to your post. This could include, for example, practical training, as well as theory and writing assignments.

You do not need to visit a classroom to complete off-the-job training, and it will be completed within your normal working hours. As part of this training, one of our dedicated tutors will conduct both one-to-one workplace visits and remote learning sessions every 4-6 weeks, with the latter being delivered through video conferencing. Each session lasts 1½-4 hours, depending on your individual learning needs.

Your off-the-job training tasks are set out within your commitment statement at the beginning of your apprenticeship—all you need to do is complete the training, and record the results in a recorded learning log throughout your learning journey.

Showcase Portfolio

During your apprenticeship, you will gather evidence as part of a portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and behaviours developed over the duration of the programme. This will cover topics such as: knowledge about the business and its market, understanding how you perform in the job role, how customers affect the business, and more.

Forget about lugging around all your work. The online iLearner portfolio system means all your work can be uploaded directly to your account and accessed wherever you go. You may also use this system to access new action plans set by your tutor, as well as check your overall progress in your qualification.

The system is easy to navigate and full guidance will be provided through our iLearner handbook and from your tutor through one-to-one support.

End-Point Assessment

As part of your qualification, you will complete an End-Point Assessment (EPA) to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours you have developed throughout the programme. You can achieve either a Pass, Merit or Distinction based on your final grade.

For the Level 2 Retailer apprenticeship, the EPA consists of the following:

  • On-Demand Assessment
    • The on-demand assessment will be both a series of multiple choice questions, and scenario-based questions on your knowledge and skills gained through the duration of the apprenticeship and around your day-to-day job role.
    • Forget about your typical exam room, the on-demand assessments can be completed online and in the workplace.
  • Practical Observation
    • As part of the assessment process, an independent assessor will complete a practical observation of you in your place of work.
    • This observation is a chance to showcase your skills in the retail environment and your knowledge of the retail industry.
  • Professional Discussion
    • After completing your observation, the independent assessor will conduct a professional discussion to further discuss your skills and development over the course of your apprenticeship.

    Go Further

    Once you have completed this qualification at Level 2, there are several progression routes available, dependant on your industry and job role:

    You could also progress onto a variety of job roles, such as Retail Supervisor, Retail Manager, Assistant Manager and many more.

    Call us on 01246 278931 or email to check availability and for further advice about the next steps. Our team will be happy to advise you on additional programmes we provide and can help point you in the right direction for any learning requirement not delivered by Apprentice Team Ltd.

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